If you’re a woman who tries hard to take care of herself, but you sometimes get lost in the noise of all the expert voices, my FREE Ebook Top 7 Women’s Wellness Myths is just for you.

Hi, I’m Coach Karen. I’ve been a certified personal trainer and women’s wellness coach since 2008.

I thought about the stories I heard repeated most often from all of the women I’ve served in the last decade. These are real women. Women with families. Women with jobs. Women with a million competing priorities.’


Women just like you.

So I took their stories and found the common themes related to health and wellness. The most common theme?

I just don’t know what’s true and what isn’t about how I should feel.


In Top 7 Women’s Wellness Myths, I reveal the ways patterns of belief and thinking can hold us back. I explain how a little knowledge– coupled with a desire to change– goes a long way in improving health and wellness.

The tips included in the ebook do NOT require tons of time and a boatload of cash.

Instead, they use science to demonstrate how we can reinvent how we think about ourselves. With this mindshift and a few simple, practical strategies, you can walk on the path of wellness with confidence.


The topics covered in Top 7 Women’s Wellness Myths include:


  • the willpower myth
  • the mama martyr myth
  • the memory myth
  • the competition myth
  • the incontinence myth
  • the hydration myth
  • the sleep myth

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