The Body Image Blueprint Book Review

The Body Image Blueprint Book Review

book cover the body image blueprint book review

The Body Image Blueprint: Your Go-To Guide for Radical Self-Reverence is an easy-to-read, compelling story of how we can tap into our inner wisdom to design a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The author Jenny Eden Berk structured the book in three parts: My Blueprint, The Etiology of Body Image, and The Body Image Blueprint.  These sections translate into Jenny’s story, interview answers about shifting ideas of body image from men and women age 22-70, and how the reader can design a personal body image blueprint.

The strengths of The Body Image Blueprint lie in the author’s humanity. Not only is Eden Berk not afraid to share her own struggles, but she puts them center stage. Her personal journey makes up the focus of the first half of the book.  The reader is introduced to Eden Berk’s inner critic as she explores the body image messages she received as a child, adolescent, and young adult. She shares how she silenced these voices and now chooses instead to see body positivity.

Eden Berk gives credibility to her story when she reveals that she was employed for more than a decade with a medically-supervised weight management program. Urged to comply with program (including going on their diet of prepackaged foods) in order to serve as a role model for clients, Eden Berk began to question the message she was sending.

She was dismayed by the idea that she couldn’t trust her body enough to make good choices about what to eat and how to move. Ultimately, she decided that she possessed the inner wisdom (and an “inner dietician”) that would guide her to be her healthiest self, irrespective of weight and size.

The Body Image Blueprint is not a quick fix diet plan. Rather, it is a book that encourages a shift in mindset. To get the most out of the book, readers must be willing to ask themselves some serious questions. The second section of the book reads like a questions & answers session. There are questions about body image and how it has changed over time and affected self-perception. Answers from interviews conducted with men and women make up the bulk of this section. For those who struggle with body image, you will quickly find you are not alone.

To guide the reader, Eden Berk includes the same interview questions used in the second part of the book at the end. It is clear that to get the most out of the book readers will need to confront their inner voices and question what they really value. In doing so, they can create a body image blueprint of their own.

I was pleased to see Eden Berk include Health at Every Size as a resource in the book. I promote this body-positive organization to my blog readers and coaching clients. While weight loss is a main theme of The Body Image Blueprint, it is not the goal.

There are recipes included as an appendix to the book. These are meant more for inspiration and a jumping off point rather than a dietary prescription. They are illustrative of the idea that simple real foods can be combined to pack a punch of flavor and satisfaction. Personally, I was drawn to the yellow beet and blood orange salad. Yum!

If you are on your own body image journey and would like a guide who is candid and casual—but also wants you to take yourself seriously—I highly recommend The Body Image Blueprint by Jenny Eden Berk. The road won’t be easy or short, but the “radical self-reverence” you will develop is well worth it.

If you’d like to know more about the author, join Eden Berk’s Wellness Warriors Support Group on Facebook.

I was provided a review copy of this work. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. Purchases made via these links support the work of Running on Balance. Thank you!

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Ultimate Meal Planning For Super Busy People

Ultimate Meal Planning For Super Busy People

When it comes to getting meals on the table, are you tired of:

  • scrambling to make something decent out of what’s in your fridge
  • resorting to compromise or convenience foods because you’re short on time
  • battling weight gain and feeling discouraged that the family isn’t eating better
  • wasting money on restaurants, food that goes bad, and too many last-minute grocery runs
  • and feeling like cooking is a burden instead of a joy?

I totally get it, because I’ve struggled with those very same things.

But 2018 can be the year you take control of what your family is eating once and for all. It’s all about ultimate meal planning.

You’ll have a plan that makes it easier to get homemade food on the table, eat in a way that supports your weight-loss goals, make dinner time less stressful (even on those busy days and weeks) and save money by eating at home more (and wasting less).

The Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is the busy cook’s answer to eating healthier this year.

What’s in this bundle, you ask? Well, everything you need to make meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and eating great food easy as pie.

This is how it works:

If you want recipes & meal plans created specifically for the way you eat (Paleo, Keto, vegan, gluten free, budget-friendly, just to name a few), you can pick the mini-bundle that suits you best and pay just $27.

If you’d prefer to have the whole collection of made-for-you meal plans, organized shopping lists, no-brainer tips, PLUS over 3,800 recipes for today’s most popular ways of cooking and eating, pay just $20 more and you’ll get every single thing in this bundle.

I’m telling you, this makes meal planning so much easier!

Some of my favorite food bloggers contributed, so I really can’t speak highly enough about the quality and value of what’s inside, for less than the price of a single meal out!

For me, though, it’s the serious reduction in food waste that makes me such a meal planning devotee.

Want to check it out and get your own Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle?

This is how it works:

If you’re unsure, it’s even backed by a 30 day full money-back happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.

Their customer service is amazing, and they truly want to make sure you’re taken care of and that you love your bundle.

Simplify mealtimes & eat better in 2018 with the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

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I am a proud affiliate of Ultimate Bundles. Purchasing this product through links provided supports Running on Balance. Thank you.

A Secret Weapon for Meal Planning

A Secret Weapon for Meal Planning

If “eat healthier” has been on your list of resolutions for, say, the last 10 years without success (or you’ve recently fallen off the healthy-eating wagon – again!), you might feel like throwing in the towel for 2018.

“What’s the point?” you wonder.

To that I say, NOOOOO!!!! Don’t give up yet.

Believe me, I’ve been there and I totally understand.

I have three kids. They’re all in a million activities. But getting a healthy dinner on the table is so worth it.

I’ve learned that feeding my family healthy meals in a doable way does NOT have to be stressful.

What’s the secret weapon? Meal Planning Bootcamp!

The good folks from Ultimate Bundles created a Meal Planning Bootcamp, a 10 day challenge with daily meal planning tips plus an action task (a very practical one, might we add) that will take 20 minutes or less. Oh, yeah….it’s FREE!

In fact, the whole point of this challenge is to help you conquer mealtime stress and eat cleaner, with a series of super easy steps to get your year off to a strong start.

The Meal Planning Bootcamp covers everything from planning, to pantry clean outs, to the quickest-cooking veggie sides, to setting yourself up for success with batch cooking and freezer meals.

And seriously – set your timer! You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in 20 minutes!

Implement all 10 challenges and, at the end of the bootcamp, you’ll find yourself with:
a better organized kitchen,
the strategies you need to tackle meal planning like a pro,
and on your way to that healthier 2018 you know you’ve got in you.

It runs from December 30th to January 8th. You’ll receive each day’s tip and task in your inbox bright and early every morning, so you can work it into your day whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Get FREE access to the Meal Planning Bootcamp by clicking right here.

Registration for this free 10-day Meal Planning Bootcamp is only open UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Make sure to sign up right away, because it starts on December 30th, so you can greet the New Year armed (with kitchen knives, that is) and ready to go.

Grab my meal planning secret weapon and be on your way to becoming a meal planning ninja!

I am a proud affiliate for Ultimate Bundles. This post contains opinions based on my positive experiences with the Ultimate Bundles team and their products.

What to Eat After Exercise

What to Eat After Exercise

post workout nutrition

Have you ever finished an absolutely rocking workout and then a few hours later either fallen asleep or felt so hungry you could eat a horse? If you knew what to eat after exercise, you could avoid both of these situations!

Let’s think first about what happens inside your body while you’re exercising.

Your body needs energy to fuel your workouts. The energy your body uses to fuel your workouts comes mostly in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is metabolized and stored carbohydrates. Some glycogen is stored in your muscles. This is the main source of fuel when you’re exercising.

Exercise requires your muscles to work harder than normal, resulting in microscopic breakdown of proteins in your muscle fibers. This is a good thing! It is in repairing these muscle fibers that you gain strength.

After your workout finishes, your body has two main jobs: replace glycogen stores and repair muscle.

These two main jobs require two different nutrients– carbohydrates to replace glycogen (and keep up your energy levels) and protein to repair muscle.

Keep in mind you’ll want to eat a ratio of about 3 grams carbs to 1 gram protein for the optimal post-workout nutrition balance. This ratio changes slightly based on the type of exercise you do. An endurance cardio workout like running, swimming, or biking uses more carbs than a strength training session.

Now we can better understand what to eat after exercise.

Need some food for thought? Here are 5 great post-workout snacks.

  1. Peanut Butter (or other Nut Butter) on a Banana
  2. Scrambled egg and whole wheat toast
  3. Tuna and multigrain crackers (BONUS: topped with avocado)
  4. Cottage Cheese with fruit
  5. 8-12 ounces Chocolate milk (Like these little boxes you can take with you!)

Each of those post-workout snack options gives you a balance of carbs and protein. By eating them within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, you’re setting your body up for a speedy recovery. (If you ate a meal before your workout, you can go as long as an hour afterwards without eating. Your body will still reap the benefits of the glycogen and protein synthesis.) Don’t forget to hydrate, too!

By knowing what to eat after exercise– and eating it!– you’ll stave off the post-workout energy slump and reduce the likelihood of a binge eating session later in the day. Talk about keeping your body well-balanced!

What to eat after a workout.
10 Ways to Eat Less at Mealtimes

10 Ways to Eat Less at Mealtimes

eat less

If you’ve ever struggled with portion control or being ravenous once you sit down at the table, check out these TEN WAYS TO EAT LESS AT MEALTIMES.

10. Use a smaller plate.  You’ll get the visual cue that you’re eating more food which helps you feel satisfied.

9. Serve food from the kitchen rather than the table family style. Be aware of portion sizes as you serve.

8. After food has been plated in the kitchen, immediately pack up leftovers and put them in the refrigerator. Remove the temptation to go back for seconds (or thirds)!

7. If eating out and ordering an entree, order a to-go box at the same time.  Pack part of the meal immediately upon being served.

6. Rather than ordering an entree, inquire about the size of appetizer portions.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables first. Unless you have blood sugar issues, allow yourself unrestricted portions of fruits and vegetables.

4. Drink a glass of water as soon as you sit down at the table. Most of us are under-hydrated as it is. By drinking water first, you nourish your body with water AND start to fill your stomach without ingesting a single calorie!

3. Chew your food thoroughly. Eat your meal slowly. Savor the tastes.  Allow your brain to get the message that you’re eating and satisfying your hunger.

2. Engage in mealtime conversation.  Again, this gives you time for the brain to give the ‘all full’ signal.

1. Eat only when hungry, not just because everyone else is eating at that time. If you’re not hungry, lead the conversation.

What are your top tips for eating less at mealtime?  I’d love to hear them!

How to Eat Less at Mealtimes
Grab the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle While You Still Can!

Grab the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle While You Still Can!

Have you ever wondered how you can make small changes and have a healthier, happier family?

I think about that question pretty much all the time.

That’s why I’m so excited about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. It’s 100+ resources packed with useful tips for real people just like us.

I’ve already had a sneak preview, so I’m trying to figure out my favorite part. Is it the…

  • eCourse Yoga For Healthy Hormones: How To Use Yoga To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally By Balancing Low Thyroid And Adrenals by Marina Gutner ($27.00)
  • Cooking for Hormone Balance. Rebalance Your Hormones with Food by Magdalena Wszelaki ($67.00)
  • Energetic Mama: Become a Better Mum by Becoming a Healthier You! by Jessica Donovan ($29.00)


I think it might be the Build Healthy Habits: Six Weeks to Wellness by ME! ($57.00)

If those don’t sound interesting to you, don’t worry. I haven’t yet mentioned the other 103 resources :).

But rather than paying for individual courses, you can receive the whole bundle for just $29.97.

That sounds like a great deal, but that’s not all…

I am also offering a bonus of my own. Buy through my affiliate link, and you’ll get a FREE enrollment in my six-week Balance Virtual Bootcamp. All you have to do is email me your order number after you buy your healthy living bundle.

Say “yes!” to getting the tools you need for a healthier, happier life by picking up your bundle right now.

But don’t wait too long. The sale ends TODAY at midnight!

P.S. I think this is a great bundle with life-changing resources. But what’s really awesome is the 30-day happiness guarantee. Try it out and if you’re not satisfied, just ask for a refund within 30 days.

This post contains affiliate links. I am a proud UHLB contributor.