Karen Shopoff Rooff

Karen Shopoff Rooff

Chief Wellness Warrior

I’m Karen. Wife of one, mom of three (The Stowaway- age 5, The Monkey-age 10 and The Bear- age 13), coach and trainer of many. Like many of you, I have a full life, but friends always ask how to find time to exercise in all the family craziness.

Running On Balance chronicles my personal and professional interests. You’ll read posts about different fitness events and races I’ve done. There are also posts about how to keep a busy family of five fed and healthy. I often share practical ideas or workouts so that when you are struggling with how to find time to exercise, I’ve given you an idea or two.

I didn’t come to the fitness and wellness world directly. After several satisfying years of teaching art history and humanities to college students in Boston, my life took on a life of its own (my first child) and directed me in to founding Balance Personal Fitness Training. I’m a life-long fitness enthusiast, a long-distance runner, and a tireless supporter of others who want to live well. Life is about making choices to create balance and happiness.

In addition to personal training both in-person and online, I’m also a business coach for people passionate about health and wellness. I offer a wide range of fitness and business development e-courses that can help you reach your life/balance and wellness goals.

Because I love to talk about fitness and wellness, I often work with brands to promote their products. I also am quoted in blogs, magazines, and newspapers talking about topics like prenatal fitness, long-distance running, and how to fit in fitness to your everyday life.

Read on and let me help you discover how to find time to exercise within the crazy constraints of your life!

Good health and great happiness to you!

Let's Work Together!

Are you looking for direction or support to build a more fit and healthy life?  Let me know, and I’ll coach you in the best way I can!

Are you a fitness or wellness brand looking for an influencer?  Let’s see how we can work together!

Are you someone who could use a virtual high five?  Tell me about how awesome you are!

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