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It’s one thing to want to start an exercise habit. It’s another thing entirely to get off the couch and make it happen.

As a health coach, I’m a proponent of a little self reflection at the beginning of any new habit-building process. There are two questions to the self reflection: Why do you want to start an exercise habit? What is keeping you from getting off the couch?

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If you’re clear that one of the reasons you can’t get off the couch is that you’re worried what other exercisers will think of you, I can help.

Overcoming gym intimidation, especially for a woman 40+, is a common obstacle to starting a workout program.

I validate your anxiety.

If you’ve never worked out before, or if you’ve taken a long break, it’s nerve-wracking to go to a gym. What will other people think of you? Will you know what to do? Is there a mismatch between how your body looks and how you feel?

One of the frequently reported symptoms of perimenopause is increased anxiety.¬† Even if you have never been prone to anxiety attacks in your past, changing hormone levels may cause your anxiety levels to increase. Couple that with something you’re not really confident about to begin with…and gym intimidation is real.

Overcoming gym intimidation can be done. It requires a little planning and a little creative thinking.

Would working out with a friend help? Having a wing-woman with you give you a friendly face to focus on rather than being drawn in to what a bunch of (experienced!) strangers are doing.

Would blocking out the noise from the gym help you to focus? Bring your own headphones and tune in to the TV on the treadmill or let your favorite tunes keep you focused on yourself.

Remind yourself of your WHY. Having a clear reason for wanting to exercise more can motivate you to overcome your fears.

I believe that working through the gym intimidation is worth it. YOU are worth it!


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Nervous about going to the gym? You're not alone. Learn ways to overcome gym intimidation (especially for women 40+)