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Health coaches are part of the movement dedicated to reversing the physical inactivity epidemic. A health coach helps educate and motivate people to adopt healthy, long-term, sustainable behaviors to improve their health. They coach people to create a life that avoids so many lifestyle illnesses and health conditions.

A health coach works to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes through three areas: physical activity, nutrition education, and behavior change.


Working with a health coach begins with a holistic assessment of your lifestyle. Lack of time is the most frequently reported reason for why people don’t exercise.  Health coaches work to help clients understand how to realistically include movement in their days.

There is also discussion about your support systems. In order to maintain positive changes long-term, you need reliable support systems. Sometimes this involves suggestions for altering high-risk behaviors. While this sounds really scary, it can mean changing a simple habit like snuggling on the couch with your sweetie, while watching TV and eating a bowl of ice cream every night.

Coaching behavior change is the heart of a health coach’s job. Using psychological methodologies, the health coach helps clients evaluate their starting point. From there, the coach can introduce small mindset shifts to set off a snowball effect of positive change.

Another role of the health coach is guiding goal setting. Depending on the client’s starting point and desired main goal, the coach helps clients set goals related to fitness, nutrition, self-care, and overall wellness. The health coach ensures that goals are realistic, appropriate, and achievable for the client.

Weight management coaching includes a blend of psychology, fitness planning, and nutrition evaluation and education. Health coaches have advanced study in both the psychology of weight management as well as the science of physiology. This unique blend places health coaches as central figures in fighting the obesity epidemic.

Where can I find a Certified Health Coach?

  • Medical offices- particularly those inclined to functional medicine or holistic practice
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Community centers
  • Private practice

Many health coaches are fitness and wellness professionals who want to further their education to better serve their clients.

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