Starting a new workout habit is hard. Most people who resolve to finally start exercising can’t ever really get into the groove.

Find the support you need with the FREE Fit in Fitness 5 Day Challenge!

I developed this ecourse to give you five days of structured coaching to help you kick start your fitness goals.

Each day you will receive access to a new video, plus there is an accompanying workbook to help busy women like you think through what you like and don’t like about exercising. There are even short workouts included with the challenge on Days 2-5 so you can fit a little fitness into your life WITHOUT the drudgery of going to the gym.

Each of the included workouts are appropriate for exercisers of a wide range of ability levels. Exercise modifications are given so you can adapt the workout to your level. (Physician clearance before beginning an exercise program is recommended.)

Know this: Fitness doesn’t have to be hard work, sweaty or time consuming. I know that you can get great results by making small changes – and do it all from your own home. I’ve been coaching women for nearly 10 years using the strategies I outline in this ecourse.

In the Fit in Fitness challenge, you’ll learn how to change your mindset towards exercise. No, I’m not promising that you’ll suddenly learn to LOVE exercise if it is right now the last thing you want to do.

But I am saying that with a few mental tweaks, you can understand how moving your body with intention helps you feel better. And when you feel better, you FEEL BETTER!

I know what you’re thinking: If I can’t find time to exercise, how can I find time to do the Fit in Fitness challenge for five days?

Each day’s videos are short. Like less than 5 minutes short. And you can watch them while you’re cooking dinner, or you can simply listen to them as you’re driving to work.

You’re worth the time investment it takes to figure out what it’s going to take to get your body moving.

If you want to quickly and easily start moving towards your fitness goals, the Fit in Fitness 5 Day Challenge is for you.

Wishing you good health and great happiness.

Fit in Fitness a FREE 5 Day Challenge to start exercising and create a workout habit