brilliant life planner

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When people ask me how I get everything done, I slyly smile and tell them I’m a ninja.

Not really.

My secret to a productive but balanced life is planning. And lots of support to make those plans become a reality!

One of the best tools in my get-stuff-done-and-stay-sane arsenal is the Brilliant Life Planner.

Let me just share with you three reasons I love the Brilliant Life Planner.

It’s Feminine

A feminine look may seem like a ridiculous reason to choose a planner. I know from experience, however, that if I’m not captivated by the layout and graphics of a planner, I won’t use it. And if I don’t use it, it’s not really helping me, is it?!

More importantly, the feminine design reminds me that my mission of supporting women is worthwhile. We can be strong and educated and powerful and still retain our femininity!

But if you’re not super sparkly girly (that’s me), there’s good news. There are SIX different covers to choose from. You can choose the one that best suits your taste.

It’s Thorough

The Brilliant Life Planner is perfect for me because it encompasses both personal and professional goals. I’ve used planners in the past that were two separate exercises of goal setting and forecasting and project managing. But the reality is, my personal life and my professional life are so intertwined, having a LIFE PLANNER makes so much more sense!

I love that the Brilliant Life Planner includes plenty of pages for reflection. It’s great to know what goes right, but I also like having room to write about my challenges. And you know I love the included habit trackers for accountability!!

It’s a Memory Book

With pages to record weekly memories or happenings, the Brilliant Life Planner becomes that baby book I always meant to start! I love that there’s just enough space to write down a few highlights of each week or funny stuff the kids say.

As a trained historian, I love the memory capsule aspect. So many times the little things in life fall through the cracks. But when you have a way to incorporate those ditties into the flow and planning of your life, they’re there for you to reflect on later. Again, I love this feature because it’s great for both personal and professional tidbits.

Check out the Brilliant Life Planner to see it’s gorgeous layout, perfect for productivity-boosting time blocking. Get cracking on your goals right away!