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How many of us have tried to establish a new habit and failed miserably?

{Yes, that’s all of us.}

Starting new habits is hard. Studies show it takes a minimum of 21 days for a habit to stick; complicated habits take even longer.

But just because it take a long time doesn’t mean it’s not worth pursuing. You just need a little help. And a habit tracker can be just that help you need.

4 Ways a Habit Tracker Helps You Succeed

As soon as you write down your goal– whether with pen and paper or a habit tracker app– you’re making a commitment. Knowing that you’ve clearly stated your goal is the first step to helping you be more accountable.

It doesn’t matter if that goal is drinking more water or saving more money or exercising more often. It’s the simple act of articulating the goal– putting it out there in the world makes the goal real.


Using a habit tracker app can help you succeed because of their ability to remind you about your new habit. Many apps like Productive (Apple only) include alarms that can be set at particular intervals to remind you of your new habit. This reminder is useful because habit building is a disruption of your normal routine.

While a pen and paper habit tracker doesn’t offer an alarm, keeping it in a visible location provides a similar cue. Just seeing the habit tracker reminds you to engage in your new behavior.


Like the reminder function, habit trackers offer accountability. When used as intended, a habit tracker documents your compliance with your new behavior. As such, you get a visual documentation of your success.

Some habit tracking apps build on this accountability by offering various graphic representations of your behavior. The app Momentum offers a simple “green streak” on a calendar to track your progress. If simplicity isn’t really your thing, you might be drawn to the game-like graphics of Habitica.


Many habit tracker apps now offer encouragement in addition to documentation, reminders, and accountability. HabitBull is an app that allows you to track up to five self-determined habits for free. It provides daily motivational quotes to support you.

If you like more personal coaching as you work towards wellness, consider Build Healthy Habits, my six-week ecourse that includes a habit tracker and an in-course discussion module. While it isn’t free like most of these other apps, it does provide a highly-structured and supportive way for you to create a wellness lifestyle. (Use coupon code dec17 for $20 off before Jan 1, 2018.)

What habit tracker system do you like best?


How to use a habit tracker to help you succeed.