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One of my big goals for this year was to act intentionally. It’s so easy to go on auto-pilot, checking off the to-do lists that make up our lives. But I’ve learned that I have a greater sense of balance and ease when I make conscious decisions about how to use my time and energy.

(In fact, keeping balance and finding ease are huge keys to having a healthy perimenopause!)

One of the ways I am able to keep focused and live intentionally is to do regular check-ins with my body. 

·         How am I feeling?
·         What does my body need?
·         How can I thank my body for doing what it does every day?

I find that this practice has helped lessen the negative self-talk and mind chatter that are so prevalent but so darn unproductive.

Even better, it has helped me shift into being grateful for what I can do rather than focused on what I haven’t yet been able to achieve.

And, let me tell you: as a super Type-A, goal-oriented person, this is a HUGE SHIFT!

But what I’ve learned is that when I take the time to give my body what it really needs (including gratitude!), I have so much more energy. My family would probably say I’m nicer, too. 🙂

As my gift to you—and in hope that you have a calm, peaceful, and joyous December—I’ve recorded my favorite embodied meditation. 

The Body Blessing Meditation is an invitation to slow down, breath deeply, and honor yourself.

It’s a practice that takes about 10 minutes, and it can be done in one of two ways. You can either lie down and totally relax into your body, or you can move your body however it wants to move as the meditation flows to each body part.

Your choice. Try both!

The Body Blessing Meditation is adapted from the Body Blessing Dance from Christine Valters Paintner’s book The Wisdom of the Body. If you’re interested in the intersection of body and spirit and being, you’ll enjoy the whole book.

I hope you enjoy the benefits of a little slow-down time this season. You’re worth it.

Body Blessing Meditation