fitness gift guide

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Have a fitness fanatic (or a wannabe fitness fanatic) on your holiday shopping list?

You’ve come to the right place: I’ve compiled a gift guide for fitness fanatics to help!

I’ve got you covered! Literally!

Inspirational running socks

There are more than 25 styles of these fun and uplifting socks, so there’s a perfect message for everyone. These would make great stocking stuffers, too. Can’t you already hear everyone excitedly talking about which socks they received and how the quote is just right for them?!

Oiselle Tracktion Bra

Best sports bra ever, IMHO. Why do I give it this rave review? I wore the Oiselle Tracktion bra in both the 2016 and 2017 Comrades Marathons….and had ZERO CHAFING. We’re talking running for more than 11 hours at a time in hot weather and having no painful chafing to show for it. So, yeah, I declare it the best bra ever. I do recommend sizing down.

Gift Guide for Fitness Products to Get You Moving

52 Stack Strength Cards

If you’re a veteran exerciser who just needs a little help coming up with a workout that will challenge you, the fitness cards from 52 stack can help. With all bodyweight exercises, the cards are a fun way to keep your workouts fresh. A great option for the at-home exerciser or someone who travels a lot but wants to keep up her workouts.

Balance Virtual Bootcamp

Yes, I’m biased. Balance Virtual Bootcamp is my six-week course that emails a workout to you every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The workouts can be done in about 30 minutes and use minimal equipment. All exercises have video demonstration (by Yours Truly) and written descriptions. Modifications to suit a wide range of fitness levels are given. There are also weekly motivational videos to keep you on track.

Fit2B Membership

Fit2B was started by Beth Learn, a perinatal fitness expert whose online workouts are all “tummy safe.” Beth’s extensive knowledge of diastasis recti and her realistic approach to fitness align with my coaching philosophies. If you’re looking for ongoing at-home workouts that are based in body alignment, good form, and functional strength training, I recommend a Fit2B membership.

(Yes, I am recommending someone else’s online fitness program. That’s how good Fit2B is!)

Accessories for your Fitness Fanatic Family and Friends

Kaiman Exo Lady Sphere Goggles


For the swimmer on your shopping list, get her a pair of goggles she’ll love. These Kaiman Exo Lady Sphere goggles are my fave. Why? I have a small head.

(Go ahead and make your jokes….)

These are the only goggles– other than junior sized goggles– I have found that actually fit my head. And swimming is a much better workout and much more fun when you’re wearing goggles that work well.

Peace Yoga Strap with multiple handles


I love fitness equipment that serves several functions. This yoga strap is long (7ft), so it works well both on land and in the water. I also like the multiple handle loops sewn in to the strap, as it allows for easier gripping regardless of where on the strap you hold. This is key for anyone who has grip issues– like arthritis. If you have an aging yogi on your list, this yoga strap will be a hit.

Live Infinitely Massage Stick

My favorite massage tool! This little stick works wonders, especially for sore quads and calf muscles. It’s easy to pop into a suitcase to use after a long day of travel, too. Is there anyone on your list who wouldn’t enjoy a little post-workout self-massage?

What’s your favorite product or service I left off my gift guide for fitness fanatics?