When I was pregnant with my first child 15 years ago, I could never have imagined the power of the internet as it is today. The MamaCare Summit, happening November 11 & 12, 2017, brings together leading experts in perinatal health and wellness. That means moms-to-be and new moms have a single access point for quality information.

But this isn’t a talky, talk medical conference. MamaCare Summit was created because so many new moms get so caught up in your baby’s arrival that you forget to take care of yourselves.

And you know that I believe self-care is one of the potential pitfalls of early parenthood. If you can learn to prioritize your well-being from the beginning, you’ll be a better balanced mama.

Even with a nourishing self-care practice, having questions and feeling anxious can be part and parcel of pregnancy.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your complaints are normal? Wouldn’t it be even better to know this without spending 10 hours reading a book or surfing the internet’s questionable authorities?

The experts of MamaCare Summit have come to the rescue! And they’re addressing some of the most common questions women have during pregnancy.

Prenatal Nutrition

There is a lot of conflicting (and confusing) information about what to eat while pregnant. Is peanut butter safe? How do I eat enough fiber without, ummmm, getting all backed up? Am I going to ruin my baby’s life if I eat too much ice cream while pregnant?

I’m sure each woman has her own versions of these food-and-pregnancy questions. Hearing from an expert about nutritional guidelines may help allay some of your fears.

Pelvic Floor Care

No one wants to talk about it. But more often than not, new moms experience trauma to the pelvic floor. As someone who has worked with postnatal women for years, I know the lasting effects of pregnancy on the pelvic floor. I’m thrilled that Christina McGee was interviewed for MamaCare, because she’s been at my go-to pelvic PT practice for all of my Balance clients. Come hear from one of the best about what’s normal down there and when to seek treatment from a qualified professional.

Having a Doula

Not sure what a doula is? Partner not sure why you’d want to splash out the cash to have a stranger in the birthing room? Get up to speed about what a doula is (and isn’t) and how doulas support positive outcomes for both mom and baby.

There are other fantastic sessions, too. I’m keen to hear the ones about massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. I took advantage of all of these modalities at different points in my pregnancies, so I know they’re beneficial. I want to learn more about the specifics of how they work to support the mama-to-be.

I’m also partial to the session about prenatal exercise for selfish reasons. I love sharing my experience of working as a perinatal fitness specialist for the last 9+ years. In addition to a “do’s and don’ts” conversation, there’s a handy printable about prenatal fitness available ONLY to MamaCare attendees.

pregnancy exercise expert

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PLEASE pass this on to a pregnant friend or new mom that you know. We women are at our best when we lift each other up.