A few years, I started noticing there were little things going on with my body, and I wasn’t sure whether they were normal or not. Add to it that I was postpartum with my third baby, and I really wasn’t sure what my normal looked like anymore.

Because I am a total nerd, I started to research. As someone who has worked in women’s health and fitness for nearly a decade, I was lucky to have good mentors. I knew where to look to find quality research resources.

And what I found was that the symptoms I was experiencing weren’t related to my recent pregnancy.

They were related to menopause.

WHAT? I hadn’t even turned 40 yet!

What I learned (quickly!) is that perimenopause is the period of years—up to a decade—where the body prepares to end its fertility functions. During this time, many women experience noticeable changes in their cycle, moods, skin, sleep patterns, or energy levels as they enter perimenopause.

Boom. That was me.

I kept researching. I kept nodding along.

Soon I found myself talking with friends about this, and I realized that we were all woefully underinformed about this massive change.

Because of my inherent nerdiness and my love of teaching, I undertook an intensive education program and became a certified women’s wellness coach, specializing in women over age 40.

And for the past year, I’ve been sharing what I know about heart health, bone health, pelvic health, self-care, nutrition, and fitness to women just like you who want a better understanding of how their bodies work— and how they can live with great vitality.

If you want to be proactive about your health & wellness at 40+, Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause is for you!

I’m excited to announce the return of my six-week workshop series Survive & THRIVE! This course is designed for women who aren’t willing to “just deal with it” or “suffer through” the perimenopause years.

If you’re someone who likes to be well informed, wants to know what questions to ask and who the right people are to answer them, I can help!

Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause is offered LIVE if you’re in Austin, Texas. Get all the details by clicking HERE.

If you’re not in Austin, don’t despair! There’s an online version of Survive & THRIVE Perimenopause lauching in early October. Sign up here for more info.

Here’s hoping we all take responsibility for our bodies and learn how to care for them well!