flip menopause mindset

Squeeeee!  I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been knee-deep in menopause!

Well, not exactly.  I’ve been knee-deep in reading, researching, discussing, and learning all about menopause.

Still confused as to why I would use exclamation points when talking about menopause?

Because I think it’s high time we


Rather than struggle through an inevitable phase of life, I want to empower women to survive and even THRIVE in the perimenopausal years.  My certification as a Third Age Woman Health Coach gives me a unique perspective to help women learn the physiology of the menopausal body as well as how to integrate lifestyle choices that will support overall wellness.

As a “Third-Age Woman,” you might be wondering how you can:

  • burn fat efficiently
  • exercise for functional fitness
  • balance hormones
  • eat healthfully and with satisfaction
  • maintain bone density
  • improve sleep
  • ask your physician the right questions
  • create a lifestyle that supports your wellness

Or, if you’re just plain tired of feeling like you no longer know the body you live in…I’m talking to you.

But rather than just sit around and complain about hot flashes, gaining weight, and never being able to remember anything, I want to help guide you to flip the menopause mindset.  Once you understand what’s going on with your body and strategies for making positive changes, you’ll be on your way to surviving and thriving during the decade of change.

If you’re in Austin, you’re in luck!  I have a six-week Survive & Thrive workshop series launching March 20th. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

If you’re not in Austin, keep your eyes and ears open– and watch my Well Balanced Women Facebook group— for the announcement of the ONLINE version of Survive & Thrive. (Coming Fall 2017!)

I’m so glad to be bringing bucketsful of important information to women who want to know more about their body and how it works.  I love working with women who prize their overall wellness and know that physical, mental, and emotional health is a worthy goal.

Good health and great happiness to you.

How to survive and thrive in menopause.