A Love Letter to Myself

Hey there, Self,

I know how guilty you feel for abandoning your blog for the last six weeks.  I know that you have a lot of great post ideas, but they just haven’t seemed to make it from idea to reality.  And that’s frustrating.

Take a sec and count to ten.  Breathe deeply.

(This is the same advice you give lots of women every day!  You should heed your own advice!)

Let’s remember what you’ve been doing for the last six weeks:

Building an online school

Yep, you’ve been riding a creative wave in that ocean for so long that you’ve had to let a few other things (ummm, blogging!) go.  But from the realm of post-it note organization is springing forth THREE online courses and coaching opportunities.  Your dreams of working with women all over the world are coming true.

Along with this creative explosion has come a tremendous amount of learning.  And this learning isn’t really the type you’re great at.  (Sorry, Self, but it’s true.)  You’ve really had to push yourself out of your humanist, communication-centered world and into TechLand.  It’s been hard.  It’s been, ummmmm, shall we say LUMPY at times.  But you’ve pushed through.  And now look at how much you know that you didn’t know just a few months ago.

Combine the creativity and the learning loads of new skills, and you’ve been buzzing high.  These few months have reinvigorated your commitment to women’s wellness. Hard work can be really energizing!  I am so proud of you for seeing it through.

It’s such a thrill to know that all of your fitness and wellness goodness is about to be available to women of all ages and all abilities.  Helping women find ways to create a balanced life has always been your goal. The Well Balanced Women school is **ready**!

So, yes, you’ve left the blog alone for a while.  But I think your readers will understand.  (I know you feel guilty…you always feel guilty, even though you’re working hard to let that habit go.)  When you show them the awesome courses you’ve developed, they’ll certainly understand.

But, just to be clear, the blog is coming back.  You’re committed to it.

Be well,

Your very own Self

P.S. You are enough.