I’ve blogged about the stomach troubles I’ve faced while running. I bonked in both the 2014 NYC Marathon and the 2015 Dallas Marathon, due in part to stomach upset. Both times, I was drinking a full-strength electrolyte drink that made me nauseated.

So when I was approached to test a new-to-market electrolyte replacement drink, I knew I’d be reviewing it as a skeptic.  Rally promises low sugar (good!), B Vitamins (speedy recovery!), twice the potassium of most sports drinks (happy muscles!), and 2.5 times the electrolytes of leading brands (good for on the go).

I was intrigued by the concept of an electrolyte drink aimed at recovery rather than on-the-run hydration. As someone who logs a lot of miles during peak training, I need all the recovery help I can get.

Product Review Rally

Rally comes in four flavors: tangerine, fruit punch, lemon lime, and raspberry grape. Of those flavors, two seemed really appealing to me and two didn’t sound so tasty. But I was committed to trying them all. (In the name of thorough research, of course!)

Citrus flavors are generally my favorite, so I started with the tangerine Rally after a long run. Oy vey, it was tart! I could tell without a doubt that the sodium level was higher than in other electrolyte drinks. The tart saltiness wasn’t appealing to me, but I drank the whole bottle anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised to notice a real bump in my energy level that afternoon. Rather than feeling the mid-afternoon slump that generally takes place on a long run day, I felt quite energetic. Maybe this Rally stuff was on to something after all!

In the week that followed, I tried the other three flavors. Lemon-lime was next, again because of my preference for citrus. It was more appealing than the tangerine, but I still had to work pretty hard to get through the whole bottle. I was surprised by how strong the flavor was, particularly because the drink it clear. It is thick like an electrolyte drink, with a bit of the expected heaviness that lets you know you’re not drinking water.

I was pretty neutral going in to the raspberry grape taste test. Wow! I loved this one! It was a bit lighter tasting and less salty than its citrus cousins. I also experienced the recovery boost touted on the label.

Begrudgingly, I tried the fruit punch Rally. Please note that I really intensely dislike fruit punch flavored stuff. Even as a kid, I wouldn’t drink Hawaiian Punch. So my expectations were very low.

Needless to say, I was surprised when I found the fruit punch the most drinkable Rally flavor. It was the only one that, when I got to the bottom of the bottle, I wished there was more! (The bottles are each 20 ounces, so there should be no need for more recovery drink than that! It’s plenty!) The fruit punch had the lightest taste.

While I only liked two of the four Rally flavors, I recognize that taste is hugely subjective. When I think about the results I had when I drank Rally, they are all favorable. Not only did I experience more energy in the afternoons after hard run efforts, but I felt less day-after muscle fatigue as well. When you are results-driven, that kind of outcome is motivating.

Rally is available for purchase in select state. Click here for a map to see if you can purchase Rally near you.


I was provided four bottles of Rally for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and based on my experiences.