We’re less than a week til Christmas, so I’d be willing to guess you’re busy.

You’d really like to stick to your fitness routine, as it’s a critical element of your overall self-care.

But there’s just not enough time in the day!

I’m here with a plan.


I’ve written a 12 day workout that will appear right in your email in box each day from December 25th until January 5th.  Think of it as my Christmas GIFT to you!

We’ll start next Sunday—yes, on Christmas—with our first exercise.  It’ll take you between one minute and 90 seconds to complete the whole “workout” on Sunday.  After all, it’s just the first day of Christmas.

On the 26th, we’ll do another exercise followed by the exercise from Christmas.

So, just like the song, we’ll be accumulating a set of exercises.  By January 5th—the 12th Day of Christmas—you’ll have a full workout.  In all, it will take you around 30 minutes to complete that final workout.

What that means is that this little gift is the PERFECT way for you to ease yourself into an exercise habit!

Certainly you can begin by devoting a minute and a half to yourself.  Each day will take just a little bit longer than the day before, but you’ll be building up in a manageable way.  And 12 days is just long enough for you to really get the fitness habit rolling without being overwhelmed.  A progressive workout is a great strategy for getting your new year off to a healthy start.

What equipment will I need?

Just your body.  No tubes or weights or stability balls or fancy equipment required!

My house is going to be a wreck because I have a bunch of people coming to stay for Christmas?

No problem.  You need only about 5 square feet of cleared floor space for the exercises.

I’m a beginner.  I mean, like a for real, out of shape, get winded going up the stairs beginner.

Great!  Every exercise can be modified to suit your ability level.

But I don’t really know how to do the exercises?

That’s okay!  Every day comes as an email with both the exercise description as well as a link to a video of me doing the exercise—and offering modifications to make exercises both easier and harder.

What if I need a little more help?  Is there a way I can ask for help?

Make sure you’re part of the Well Balanced Women group on Facebook!  I post there regularly, and I’ll be in the group daily to answer questions and cheer you along.

This sounds cool, but I’m totally strapped for cash.

No worries.  IT’S FREE.  This 12 Days of Christmas workout program is my GIFT to you.


Can I share this with a friend or a family member?

Of course!  Please!  And thank you!

Keep an eye on your inbox on Christmas Day for the first part of the progressive workout!


Registration for 2016-17 is closed.

If you’re interested in joining for the 2017 version of the 12 Days of Christmas, register here: