A workout for the big muscles of the low body usually means big weights or big machines.  If you’re an at-home exerciser, you need a small space workout.  Today I have a workout that challenges those big muscles of the low body just for you!

Awesome Small Space Workout

Remember the resistance tube we used in Monday’s circuit?  Grab it!

Perform each of the following THREE exercises for ONE MINUTE on the RIGHT then ONE MINUTE on the LEFT.  Complete TWO circuits.

Looking for a bit more?  Rest for ONE minute at the end of each circuit, but complete THREE circuits.

Hamstring Press

(one minute RIGHT, then one minute LEFT)

Standing Knee Extensions 

(one minute RIGHT, then one minute LEFT)

Walking Hip Abduction

(one minute RIGHT, then one minute LEFT)

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Mix, match, and stack all of these exercises to create your perfect small space workout!

Please obtain clearance from your health care provider before attempting any of the workouts posted at Running On Balance.  Although the videos describe modifications for most of the exercises, they still may not be appropriate for everyone.

Good health and great happiness for you!

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Best at home lower body workout for small spaces!