FIVE Cardio Exercises For People With No Time to Workout

This workout utilizes the circuit style I promote here at Running On Balance and with my Balance Personal Fitness Training clients.  Why do I like circuits?  I like simplicity!  These exercises are easy to learn and require minimal equipment.  Also, the physiological demands of circuit or interval style workouts revs the metabolism and delivers health benefits in a short amount of time.  If you are short on time to workout, a circuit like this is your new best friend.

Here are the FIVE exercises you’ll perform for one minute each. Complete TWO circuits.

If you have more time, take a one minute break at the end of each circuit, but perform THREE or FOUR complete circuits.

Ready to go?

Half Jacks

Boxer Shuffle

Speed Skaters

Mountain Climbers



Each of these exercises has a low or no impact option.  Watch the videos and listen to the descriptions for modification options.  Remember that the more muscles you are moving and the wider range of motion you move them through and the speed at which you move them ALL determine how easy or challenging an exercise is.  Your effort level is up to you!

Did you see the bodyweight circuit on Tuesday?  If not, go back and try that one, too.  These are great workouts to mix-and-match or stack together.  When you are short on time to workout, choose one and go for it.  Both of these circuits:

  • require no equipment,
  • can be done in a small space,
  • take only 10-20 minutes,
  • deliver results!

As always, make sure you have a physician’s clearance before attempting this or any other workout.

More circuits coming next week.  Stay tuned!

Good health and great happiness to you.

Great ideas for at home cardio workouts.