My middle kid– the one known affectionately (and appropriately) as The Monkey– turns ten today.


That means that ten years ago right now, I’d given up any hope of this child actually evacuating my womb.  He’d settled himself in nice and low several weeks before, which is unusual for a second baby.  That gymnastic fetal positioning and his expulsive four-hour-labor-and-delivery should have given me some indication as to what type of personality he would have.

The Monkey is my kid who has No Fear.  The Monkey is my kid who is Up For Anything.  The Monkey is my kid who, when he gets clobbered on the soccer pitch and all the parents of both teams gasp in collective fear for his young life, pops back up like a Weeble Wobble, steals the ball, and runs downfield and scores.

Meanwhile, he is happy to use his sweet and shy personality and authority-defying dimples to get you to do whatever he wants.  I pray each and every day that he will use his charm, smarts, and talents for good and not evil.

He’s already had an illustrious track career, winning his age group at the Manzano Mile (only 1/4 mile for kids!) in 2011:

2013-03-23 12.17.40  owenmanzanomile2013

And finishing 3rd in his grade at the district Cross-Country Meet in 2014:


But if you want the most accurate photo of him as a Big Kid, this is what I offer:


His constant movement is fueled by a level of energy I can only envy.  And his constant competitive nature is something I can only identify with all too well.  Again, may he use that trait for good and not evil!

And so, as my sweet Monkey-Child closes out his first decade, I’m left reflecting on all the madcap adventures we’ve shared and all that I hope we have before us.  To watch your child truly grow into himself is such a thrill.