Ways to Be Fit


In case it’s not already obvious to you, I’m a Type-A, high-achiever, goal-oriented kind of person.

I like to plan things.  Then I like to execute my plans.  I do not like sitting around.

Ways to Be Fit

I run because it is one of the most efficient ways to be fit.  Efficiency is a hallmark of the Type-A crowd.

So, like many runners who log long, solo hours in the Church of the Holy Road, I use my running time to think and plan all the ways I can improve myself once I get home.

But the reality?  I’m not nearly as amazing as I am in my head while I’m running.



1. I should really do a good stretch when I get home.  My muscles will thank me for it.

The reality? I get home, dash to the bathroom, pee, rip off my clothes, run through the shower, throw on dry clothes, and grab a cheese stick as I head out the door to whatever soccer game or piano lesson that is starting in 10 minutes.

2. I should really get going on that strength training program I wrote for myself.  I’ll do it this evening while I’m watching “Freaks and Geeks” on Netflix.

The reality? I am sleeping on the couch while “Freeks and Geeks” plays on the TV.  No strength training was done prior to my pre-bed nap.

3. It’s time to start learning the lyrics to “Shosholoza” so I can sing it at the starting line of Comrades.

The reality? I find a great You Tube video of “Shosholoza”, watch it once, and then have one kid begging to watch Sofia the First sing-a-longs and another kid who wants to click on the “Siyahamba” video since he sung that in school chorus.  (Well, once is better than nothing, right?!)

4. Maybe I should start taking melatonin at night so I can make sure I won’t have any adverse reactions when I take it on the plane to sleep during my two nights in a row of overnight flights.

The reality: The brand new, completely full, still-has-the-foil-seal bottle of melatonin sits on my kitchen counter.

5. I should look at my calendar to see when I can meet up with some girlfriends before I leave.  Summer is coming, the school year ends while I’m away, and we’re all going to go separate ways for the summer.

The reality: (CRICKETS)

And, a BONUS LIEIt’s getting to be time to start dialing in on my nutrition.  As of tomorrow, I’m going to really watch what I’m eating.  No more junk…not even a bite!  This engine isn’t getting anything except for Super Nourishing and Wholesome Nutrients.

The reality: I am eating anything that isn’t nailed down.

So, there you go.  Just in case the ideas that you have while you’re running don’t match up with the reality of your life, know that you’re not alone.  Running is one of the best ways to be fit.  It can help us strive to improve ourselves, but it also teaches that we’re not really in control of all that much.

Let go, and have a good run.